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Windemere Farm Weddings in San Marcos, Texas

Approximately two miles away from downtown San Marcos, Texas, Windemere Farm unfolds across an expansive 700+ acres, offering a captivating backdrop for couples seeking a wedding venue. This hidden gem stands apart, as it has managed to preserve its unique charm amidst the bustling development of the surrounding area.

The 700+ acres has a lot to offer. Windemere Farm holds a rich history, with restored Civil War cabins located throughout the property which is extremely a rare find in San Marcos, Texas with how quickly its developing. Something else that sets Windemere Farm apart is its horse facility, a majestic creation inspired by the enchanting landscapes of Ireland. The architecture echoes the spirit of the Emerald Isle, creating a romantic setting as guests drive past it on the way to the wedding venue. As couples exchange vows amidst the lush surroundings, they are embraced by the spirit of both Texas and Ireland, a harmonious blend that is as unique as it is breathtaking.

The farm’s diverse inhabitants contribute to its vibrant atmosphere. Majestic horses gracefully roam the fields, while bison, milking cows, and playful pigs add to the pastoral charm. Windemere Farm is not just a wedding venue; it’s a living canvas where nature and celebration intertwine, creating an immersive experience for couples and their guests.

In an era of constant development, Windemere Farm stands as a testament to the beauty of preservation. Windemere Farm holds the essence of a fairy tale, where love is celebrated amidst the embrace of nature and history. This hidden haven in San Marcos, Texas, invites couples to embark on a journey of a lifetime, exchanging vows in a setting that seamlessly combines the charm of the past with the allure of the present.

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Hair + Makeup: @lovelykindbeauty
Photographer: @frannypullinphoto
Florist: @weareloam
Linens + Napkins: @bbjlatavola
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Lounges: @beelavishvintage
Stage + Satellite Bars: @premiereeventstx
Dance Floor: @mikesdancefloorrentals
Lighting: @austineventlighting
Caterer: @royalfigcatering