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Olivia & Colin

Olivia and I met two-stepping at Texas A&M University in 2020 but it would take another year for me to gather the courage to ask her on a date. Throughout that time I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful girl I had met and how I could get to know her. I decided to take her to the same two-stepping date party I had met her at the year prior and after a wonderful night of dancing I asked her out. That’s when she promptly informed me that she was going on dates with someone else and my dreams were quickly halted.

Winter break came and went, school was back in session and I was approached by a friend with an unusual inquiry. I was asked if I wanted to go on a blind date. I slept on the request and something deep down inside me told me to agree to it, I might hit it off with someone new or maybe it might just be Olivia. Well, that feeling was right, and my blind date was indeed with Olivia. After flying kites, a ring dunk, and a couple of illnesses, I asked Olivia to be my girlfriend.

Dating Olivia has been the greatest joy—long nights of cooking and deep conversation, exploring art museums and meeting family. Summer trips, time in Holland, Michigan and a weekend adventure in Paris France just confirmed what I already knew. So after months of planning and dodging questions, I asked Olivia to marry me on the beautiful golden sand dunes of Lake Michigan.

Throughout our relationship, the Lord has remained faithful and continually reminds us of His goodness. We hope that our relationship stands as a testament to the redemptive love of Christ, bringing glory to God. We are so appreciative of the love and support from our family and those around us and look forward to celebrating our marriage with each one of you!

When searching for our wedding venue we knew right away upon touring! I just think that we were so awed when we walked onto the property and it was everything which we had been looking for. I had been dreaming of having a beautiful outdoor wedding surrounded by nature with a big white sailcloth tent reception, and Windermere Farms met that exactly. It wasn’t even a question once we got there that this is where we were gonna get married!!!

Photos by: Tailor James Photography